Students demonstrate at Hathazari madrasa demanding removal of Shafi’s son

Hundreds of students of Al Jameyatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Madrasa, popularly known as Hathazari madrasa, staged demonstration today demanding removal of Hefazat-e-Islam chief Ahmad Shafi’s son Anas Madani from the institution.

The students of the largest Qawmi madrasa started the agitation on campus after Zuhr prayers.

They demanded immediate removal of Anas Madani, also a teacher of the madrasa, as he had been physically unwell and asked he be made an advisor, police and madrasa sources said.

The protestors also confined a group of teachers to their rooms and locked the madrasa gate to press home their demands, which also includes an end to harassment of madrasa students.

At one stage, the students reportedly vandalised several rooms of the madrasa.

On information, police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control, said Additional Superintendent of Police (North) of Chattogram District Police Moshiuddowla Reza.

Hefazat and police sources said a rift has developed between Hefazat’s chief Ahmed Shafi and Secretary General Junayed Babu Nagri.

Shafi is the chairman of the Qawmi Madrasa Education Board-BEFAQ and also director general of the madrasa. Meanwhile, Junayed Babu Nagri is a senior teacher of the madrasa and also its former assistant director (Nayeb-e- Muhtamim).

On June 17, 2020, Babu Nagri was removed from the assistant director post at a meeting of the Majlish-e-Shura (the highest panel of the madrasa), which selected Sheikh Ahmed, a senior muhaddis (Hadit expert), for the post, madrasa sources said.

Babu Nagri’s followers alleged that Anas Madani removed Babu Nagri through the meeting.

Anas Madani could not be reached for comments.

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